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“Heroes” Vineyard

“From a sustainably grown, unirrigated vineyard; wines that naturally reflect their origins.”

The Heroes vineyard is a passion project of James and Eloise Thomas. The vineyard, located in the Otway Hinterland is unirigated and North facing, with soils of sandy loam over well srtuctured clay and decomposed Ordvician sandstone. The vines planted in the early 2000’s are entering maturity which coincides with James and Eloise securing a long term lease of the property. James has pedigree in the Geelong region having been assistant winemaker at Bannockburn under Michael Glover and more recently as head winemaker at Clyde Park. In between the two appointments he was on home soil in the UK where he estatblished a specialist sparkling house Knightor Winery in Cornwall.

The wines that James and Eloise are producing are clear, transparent and resonent. Being in the Otway Hinterland they should be considered extreme Geelong, perhaps having as much in common with Henty as with the Bellarine. They are wines at the edge in a very cool climate. In James own words “‘Heroes’ Vineyard was born out of my desire to make wines of the best possible quality without compromise and using non-interventionist methods; no irrigation, minimal additions (sulphur only) – wines that stand up on their own merits, truly reflecting their terroir.”

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