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Holly’s Garden

“Grown at 750 meters in the deep volcanic soils of the Whitlands high plateau. Our little amphitheatre is the warmest site in a very cool area. The continental location gives cool evenings, which allows the vines to “rest” at night and delays the accumulation of sugar whilst retaining acidity and building flavour. This extra ‘hang time’ due to delayed ripening is vital to the production of great wine and helps create the featured structure and length of both Holly’s Garden Pinot Noir and Holly’s Garden Pinot Gris. The deep volcanic, basalt soils contribute to how the vine grows, the flavours of the fruit and the resulting wine. The deep, open structure of the soil draw the roots down deep, especially when combined with our philosophy of non- irrigation. The mineral composition affects the flavour of the wine due to the dissolved minerals in the water the vine uses. Our volcanic, basalt soil is high in iron.”

“Wines from these sorts of soils typically have a ferrous, robust mineral character. This is most certainly seen at the end of the palate in Holly’s Garden Pinot Noir, giving the wine length and balance. In Holly’s Garden Pinot Gris it balances the richness of the mid palette, with the phenolics and acidity. Some Biodynamic viticulture is practiced, not for altruistic reasons, but to make better wine by growing better grapes. To me it is as much Pagan Viticulture as Bio Dynamic Viticulture and is an inherited, instinctive understanding passed from father to son over many generations since the reformation of the church in Middle Europe.” Neil Prentice.

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