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Monkey Brains Wines

Monkey Brains Wines are a collection of bottles put together for the pure pleasure found in making, sharing and drinking wine. The wines are divided into two groups, Monkey Brains and Mutual Promise.

The Monkey Brains wines champion alternative Mediterranean varietals as grown sustainably by Ashley Ratcliff in the warm Riverland region of South Australia. They are made to be fun but also to add to the voices telling an important story of evolution and sustainability in the Australian Wine Industry. Fiano and Agliancio use less valuable water in their growing and arrive naturally balanced into the winery. More with less.

The Mutual Promise wines champion two of our favourite red grapes sourced from the Darling family’s Koombahla Vineyard in Victoria’s King Valley. Varietal and regional purity is the heart of these wines. Gamay that looks like Gamay and Nebbiolo that looks like Nebbiolo, what’s not to love…

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